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You’ll probably want to replace your system before it ultimately gives out. Doing so not only ensures you’ll have a functioning furnace; it can also save you money. Old furnaces have frequent breakdowns, heat your home inefficiently and can drive up your energy bills.
Have you experienced a spike in your energy bills? 
Does your furnace turn on or off when it shouldn’t? 
Maybe you’ve picked up on odd noises or gross smells coming from your heating system. 
These are telltale signs your furnace’s performance is declining.

Gas Furnace Units

Comfort on Every Level
Start looking forward to winter with an efficient, gas furnace. Featuring AFUE efficiency levels as high as 98%, you'll save money while enjoying a new level of comfort. Robust, time-tested construction ensures your furnace will provide quiet, consistent heating for years to come.

Combined Package Furnace Units 

Packaged Equipment - Comfort and Quality in One Package
Compact and efficient, Residential Packaged Equipment consolidates all the components of traditional, split HVAC systems into a single unit that sits outside your house. With a variety of air conditioning and electric and gas heating combinations, these models fit a variety of needs.

When to Replace your Furnace?

Signs your Furnace may be in trouble:

Furnace problems only become more expensive over time. Staying on top of maintenance can help you find problems sooner. If you are aware of any of these signs of trouble with your furnace, promptly schedule a repair:


You should plan on replacing your furnace as it starts to get old. An outdated furnace can struggle to adequately heat your home. High energy bills and a cracked heat exchanger are signs you should replace an old furnace.

A heat exchanger is an expensive part to replace. Old furnaces naturally lose efficiency, so there is only so much an HVAC technician can do to make an old system run more efficiently. A general rule of thumb is to never repair something when the repair costs are more than one-third the cost of a replacement. If your old furnace has needed repairs more than two times in the past two years, it's time to replace it.

Spikes in Monthly Bills

Dirty air filters and internal components are often the culprits. This is why it's important to keep up with maintenance. A technician will clean your furnace's internal components during a tune-up.

Inefficient Heating

If your furnace isn't old, inefficient heating is a problem you can probably fix with a repair or a tune-up. Dirty air filters restrict airflow in the furnace, so they can result in inefficient heating. Thermostat problems can also cause your furnace to fail. Your furnace may heat unevenly, fail to reach the set temperature, or fail to turn on at all. Try changing the batteries. If that doesn't work, an expert HVAC technician can diagnose your system for you.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your furnace turns on and off too frequently. An oversized furnace can cause short cycling. After giving a blast of warm air in your house, the system will shut off because its sensors detect the warm air. If you notice short cycling on a furnace that wasn’t recently installed, there’s likely a different cause. Short cycling also shortens the lifespan of your heating system, so you should have an expert technician service it.

Troublesome Noises

When your furnace makes unusual noises — squealing, rattling, banging and screeching — it's in need of repair or maintenance. One of many problems may be the cause behind an unusual sound from your furnace, but only an expert repair technician can diagnose it.

Parts inside the system may have loosened or broken. Squealing sounds usually mean that moving parts in the system have lost lubrication. During a maintenance call, expert furnace technicians lubricate these moving parts to prevent this problem.

Abnormal Smells

If you smell gas, turn off the furnace immediately. It’s best to leave your home until a technician has confirmed it's safe for you to return. Bring any pets with you too. Gas leaks are a safety risk.

A burning plastic odor or metallic smell can signal a wiring problem. You may have wires melting, which is a fire hazard. Turn your furnace off until it can be replaced.

Routine maintenance reduces the chance you'll have gas leaks or electrical problems with your furnace. Expert maintenance technicians thoroughly inspect your furnace to catch early signs of deterioration.

If you smell something burning when you have just turned on your furnace, it’s probably dust. Dust accumulates in your system while it’s not in use. When you turn your furnace on for the first time, that dust may burn. This isn’t usually a concern.

Musty odors are usually caused by mold. You should have an expert technician investigate the source of the musty smell since mold is harmful to your health.

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    5 star review  My experience was amazing. I called Sunny at City Air who sent Sylvio to look at my air conditioner. Sylvio arrived and explained my different options of which I decided to purchase a replacement unit. The work went well and my home is cold. Thank you all at City Air for your help and expertise Julius from Scarborough

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    5 star review  Old furnace died in the new year holidays, as all the shops were closing, during covid lockdown. I didn't have much hope it could get fixed or replaced any time soon. Called City Air Toronto, and Sylvio came that day, assessed the situation and gave me the repair versus replace options. He was able to replace it and have the heat back on, so the kids could sleep warm, that very night.

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    5 star review  Originally called Reliance Home Comfort for A/C relocate as they are who installed the unit back in 2016. Reliance gave us a huge runaround. Spoke with Sunny from City Air on Monday and Julian was at my home Wednesday Morning. Julian was so professional and polite. It has been a pleasure dealing with City Air and our unit looks great. Julian left the workspace spotless. 100% Recommendation, we will be calling City Air for all of our heating-A/C and Duct work from now on!!

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    5 star review  My father-in-law's air conditioner wasn't working the first really hot day of the summer. I called City Air Toronto after seeing their favorable reviews on BBB. The technician, Enrico came over within an hour and quickly troubleshoot the problem to be a blown capacitor in the outside compressor unit. He had to go back to the warehouse to get a replacement part but returned very quickly to repair the A/C. He was very courteous and explained the problem professionally. The total repair bill was very reasonable and matches exactly as their posted rates. I will definitely use them again if I need A/C or heating service.

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